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KEXIM extraction kit

The ONLY SYSTEM on the market that allows atraumatic extraction of implants with both internal and external connections.

For the extraction of osseointegrated implants that are no longer worth preserving.

The extraction set contains:

LLT200 - Torque ratchet with 200 Ncm
The ratchet loosens the connection between bone and implant with a torque of up to 200 Ncm, thus enabling easy unscrewing. To prevent damage to the bone, the ratchet head buckles at 200 Ncm. The ratchet can be returned to its original position with the reactivation tube included in the set.

MDPT1 - Handle
For manual screwing of the extractor into the implant connection.

Ratchet inserts in 3 lengths (short, long, extra-long)

11 extractors
For various implant systems. Can be shortened with a diamond disc if necessary. The extractors are disposable instruments.

2 drills DRL-E & DRL-25
These drills can be used to remove the internal implant thread and to deepen the internal hole. Subsequently, the extractor can be inserted deeper for extraction.

Sterilisable box

User manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jTxbZ08AeGmc2Axk-HQMe80X0Zl7Bi1v/view